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Thanks to those of you who sat patiently on our waitlists and tirelessly encouraged your friends to sign up so we could get The League started in your city sooner rather than later! We had a blast meeting our users at our Summer Series events ( in Philly, Atlanta, and Miami, and we’re excited for our upcoming parties in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Denver, Seattle, and last but not least, Toronto!See below for some highlights of our founding class in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Miami: Are we not live in your city yet?The other, retaliating with a reminder that the accuser also cheated during a recent darts game. Parr and Mark Brewer); he, dressed in jeans and a Brewers T-shirt, and she, adorned to the teeth with a sparkly cocktail dress.He brings a notebook with him and she carries a grudge against his obsession with his writing. Thirdly, a young couple, Candi and Sam (Mc Kenna West and Jackson Wolf), quite breathless with their blossoming love.Email [email protected] your city name to find out how to get involved in pre-gaming our launch!The League Team is super excited to announce that The London League went live today for our 2000 founding members!

We’re so excited to announce that 3 new League cities went live today: Austin, Houston, and Dallas!Each week we’ll be sending two readers on a date, whether they’re married, in a long term relationship, or have never met before! And check out this week’s date in tomorrow morning’s magazine.Associated trailers left on park property or at their.'s new global dating pollclears up this and many other questions. Twenty-seven percent of readers voted it the most "dateable," followed by 8.7 percent for American and about 8 percent each for Irish and Australian.As all this is going on, our regular customer is continuing to become even more snockered and is offering his cynical observations about life and love as fast as the drinks are guzzled.


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