Nude forties

Defying age and looking hot, Elizabeth Hurley and Sharon Stone are showing off their toned bods.

The “Royals” star soaked up the sun in India, where the 51-year-old flaunted her figure in a blue triangle-top suit with white embroidery from her own Elizabeth Hurley Beach Collection.

On a midweek morning in May or September, when the place is barely occupied, or on a crowded midsummer Sunday, when the panorama would typically include two or three hundred naked bodies—male and female (usually more of the former), in various states of fitness and decrepitude—it’s a genuinely idyllic spot with a remarkable capacity for evoking proprietary feelings.

Markham wouldn’t be so bold as to suggest that he owns the Ledges, but he clearly thinks of himself as the site’s protector and caretaker.

When I told her, she set down the envelopes she'd been stuffing, grabbed her purse, and left the building without saying another word. The picture reminds me of the little girl who could, even when not much else around her supported such a healthy vision of herself.

WAY: What about someone who had an abusive or otherwise truly horrible childhood?

I just want women to feel good about their bodies so they can feel good about themselves -- because when a woman feels good naked, it shows. Being comfortable naked is the ultimate expression of self-confidence. And for many women, that time will turn out to be back in childhood. But I had spirit -- I was a firecracker -- and a photograph I keep on my desk reminds me of that.The 58-year-old actress Instagrammed two photos, writing that she was on a “corporate retreat.” One of the pics shows her painting in a black, two-piece string bikini.The “Basic Instinct” star has been open about her insecurity in the past, telling Shape magazine, “There was a point in my forties where I went into the bathroom with a bottle of wine, looked the door and said, ‘I’m not coming out until I can totally accept the way I look right now.'” It looks like these ladies in their fifties are showing the young ones how to rock a bikini!She has an allure that comes through in the way she moves or talks or laughs. For lots of women, even the word "naked" brings huge discomfort. If you're okay with being nude, you can take yourself anywhere in the world. I'm sitting cross-legged in our front yard, in shorts and a cropped top that were surely not a chubby girl's best outfit.Her confidence isn't rooted in her clothing size or facial features but in her attitude -- fun, delightful, free. I was volunteering at my child's school once when another mother, who had heard I was an author, asked me the title of my book. I'm no longer shocked by negative reactions to the idea of nakedness. Yet I look self-possessed, even somewhat certain that on that particular day at least, I was beautiful -- a femme fatale at the tender age of 6.After World War II, despite his hard work for his country during the war, Coward "was unpopular as a tax exile, and was berated by the British press. Nude With Violin began a series of well-written and successful, but critically shunned, new plays in the late 1950s. After a tour beginning at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin on 24 September 1956, the play opened on 8 November 1956 at the Globe Theatre in London's West End, starring John Gielgud, co-directed by Gielgud and Coward. His relatives and hangers-on converge on his studio, hopeful of financial gain, and are stunned to learn from his valet, Sebastien, that Sorodin has left a letter in which he admits that he never painted a picture in his life.


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