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"Two forces that respect each other" - a Leo woman and Scorpio man can create a strong union governed by respect and love.

But this union can also turn into a war that will be devastating and merciless.

At the beginning of relationship, Scorpio man will perceive the cheerful optimism of zodiac sign Leo as some light-mindedness, but after a while, he will calm down, seeing how deep and sincere his lady takes his ideas.

Yet, his rabid desire to control and possess the wild Sag typifies the downfall of many Scorpio/Sagittarius relationships.

The Scorpio Woman is very creative and imaginative which will spark great conversations with the Virgin.

He will find her mysterious side very interesting and will want to discover who she really is. She will never get jealous of the Virgo guy who is reserved and not much for the big social scenes.

The Virgo man Scorpio Woman in love can build that reassurance thus creating a harmonized living environment.

The Virgo Man is capable of delivering some harsh criticism.


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