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I had forgotten about Maria Menounos because I never watch Extra - but then, of course, I saw her on the current season of Dancing with the Stars, and was reminded how incredibly hot and well-spoken she is. She left ET in 2005 to focus on her acting career - and she landed a handful of roles in various television series and movies.Maria Menounos is unquestionably one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood ... Fortunately, she returned to regular LA-based entertainment reporting in August 2011 when it was announced she would co-host Extra with Mario Lopez ...Previously, Diesel had hinted that it would have been an all-new project from Marvel.This time around, though, he described it with traditional restraint as "something so big I can't even talk about because it's like the merging of brands in a way which I won't get into." RELATED: Vin Diesel Reveals Details of His Marvel Meetings for ' Guardians of the Galaxy' (Video) It's the kind of statement that is purposely hard to decipher.During her senior year, she was hired as a reporter for Channel One News."Entertainment Tonight" hired her as a correspondent in 2002.

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She apparently has had several boyfriends in their 40s in the past - including Vin Diesel and Gerard Butler ... and if that's true, then we're all focked because we cannot compete with him! The first is an incredible video of her hosting Extra in her bikini in the winter in NY's Times Square. did you REALLY THINK THAT BET THROUGH before agreeing to it???They were caught and punished every week to play a small role in coming to the theater.His first acting experience was to begin such an incident."When I met with Marvel it wasn't for anything immediate, it was to talk about a film that would be introduced in the Phase 3 part of Marvel -- not for a few years," he said, repeating what he'd told ' tree soldier Groot, as everyone knows already.But what about that 2016 project he'd initially been approached about?plus she genuinely appears to be a "nice girl", or at least that's all I've ever seen of her. but I wish she would return to Entertainment Tonight because that is one of the few entertainment news programs I watch regularly. and I cannot find any evidence on the internet that she has a current boyfriend ...


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