Radeditor not updating content

All versions of an HTML editor used in several Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET, suffer from a high-risk cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability that could allow an attacker to inject malicious script and glean private information.To signup you have 2 options: Please fill in the required fields below, providing us with details of your organisation and the services it offers, as well as your individual contact details.One of our advisors will then verify these details and activate your account.

Custom webparts seems to act fine but when i click into the lists, calendars, DVWP and try to add a new item it gives me error "FILE NOT FOUND". ( I took a look at LOG file with USL viewer it say:" Site=/ Leaving Monitored Scope (Post Resolve Request Cache Handler).

(I cannot send any code / sample project due to the sensitivity of our projects).

We use Telerik web controls a lot (great contorls!!! We have a simple Treeview on the left with a bunch of fields on the right.

in those fields I have 2 rad editors (WYSIWYG HTMl editors).

When I click something on the left treeview, it populates information into the fields on the right from the Data Base. I'm not sure Why, but I know when I comment it out, it works fine...


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