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While I was writing my book I had this weird sixth sense that “The Universe” (a concept I’d never remotely believed in before) was plonking people down in front of me at exactly the right time.I call them my “Lucky Stars” and now the book is written I’m going to use this slot to keep writing about them, when these “stars” cross my path.She has appeared on Oprah, CNN and The Today Show in the US, as well as numerous prime-time chat shows in the UK and world-wide.

It's great to be back in Yorkshire and I have fond memories of filming the Beiderbecke Trilogy in the same building as Emmerdale is now filmed." William is Seb Makepeace's (James Redmond) grandfather and is cared for by Seb's former girlfriend Ruby Haswell (Alicya Eyo).

Self-publishing was also hugely satisfying as you get to be in control. It also gave me something to keep my brain whirring as well as the challenge of what nappies I should be buying and when to stop breastfeeding!

And it stopped me watching soul-destroying daytime TV, which is a route I could have easily gone down…..

You see, I’d been telling my good friend Eva about how I was suddenly having doubts, as I neared publish date, about what the hell I was doing. What on earth makes me think I can write it and market it all by myself? Eva then told me about her friend Tracy and arranged for me to meet her over a cuppa in Duffield, Derbyshire (where they both live).

She really inspired me, as I hope she will you, too……


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